Study ties pesticides in food to reduced fertility in women




Food Truck Challenge

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Food Truck Challenge


The gourmet food truck craze has hit many cities in North America. Food trucks have become so popular that there is even a show on FoodTV called EAT ST. Some cities even have street food parks where gourmet food carts can congregate and sell their delicious food.

Many of these food trucks aren’t selling your typical hot dogs and fries, they are coming up with interesting foods for people to eat on the go. These chefs and entrepreneurs are also using the power of social media (i.e. tweeting their location for their followers) to build “buzz” surrounding their food truck.

HOWEVER the foundation of their success is great tasting, inventive food that is handmade using local, seasonal ingredients…and a lot of passion!


In your group, you are to develop a food truck concept to show Orangeville that this food phenomenon isn’t just a trend, but…

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Cookies Assignment

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POST a cookie recipe and identify which category of the 6 below that your cookie recipe fits!

Know the 6 types of cookie:

Bar Cookies are prepared by putting the dough in a rectangular pan. They are baked and then cut into squares. Most drop cookie recipes can be converted to this type of cookie. These are the easiest cookies to make, because several batches are baked at once. Recipe:Caramel Squares.

Drop cookies are the easiest individual cookies to make. Balls of dough are dropped from a spoon onto a cookie sheet. Recipe: Golden Chocolate Treasure Cookies.

Molded Cookies dough is formed by the hands into shapes such as: wreaths, crescents, canes, or balls. Balls are sometimes flattened with the bottom of a glass. Recipe: Peanut Butter Cookies.

Pressed Cookies are made by pressing the dough through a cookie press or pastry tube to form different shapes…

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