Extra Credit

Extra credit is offered once students have completed at least 75% of all other work.  You clearly need to do most of the regular credit before you think about extra credit.

Limit of 50 points per semester of extra credit can be earned. Opportunities to earn points are as follows:

1- Watch an online film about food culture or nutrition and write 3+ paragraphs about your impression of the topic:

Netflix: The Search for General Tso, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, Chef’s Table, Somm, King of Pastry, Fed Up, Vegetated, Hungry for Change, Super Size Me, GMO OMG, Spinning Plates, etc.

2- Bring in a menu from a restaurant.  Choose 3 dishes that look interesting and write a few paragraphs explaining what you like, why it is unique, what the flavor profiles are, etc.

3- Share a family recipe that you love.  Include the recipe, and write a couple paragraphs on why you love this.  Who made it for you, and do you make it now?  Include some history of it and why this recipe is one of your favorites.