Culinary Terms

Week 5:

creme chantilly, plonk, pate a choux, nappe, etoufee, opakapaka, poutine, pistolette, arrabiata, smorgasbord

Week 4:

carrageenan, thread stage, soft-ball stage, hard-crack stage, nougat, penuche, cutlet, cracklings, guajillo, brandade

Week 3:

carbonyl, Pacojet, collagen, calorie, convection, fluid gel, freezer burn, listeriosis, papain, antigriddle

Week 2:

boudin noir, frenched, arlette, beignet, cold smoke, ghee, geoduck, lutefisk, pancetta, macerate

Week 1:

glace, ganache, en papillote, mollusk, portion control, tare weight, yield weight, whetstone, shank, serrated


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