Culinary Terms

Week 5:

mornay, pesto, farfalle, gluten, brine, alfredo, primal cuts, marinade, tenderloin, veloute

Week 4:

brunoise, sous vide, sear, salamander, prime (meat), smoke point, simmer, roux, roe, mandoline

Week 3:

albumen, blanching, braise, colander, garnish, herb, mirepoix, meringue, poach, custard

Week 2:

broil, au jus, cellulose, clarified butter, adobo, dredge, julienne, mince, slurry, squab

Week 1:

charcuterie, saute, IQF, batonnet, parboil, leavening agent, marbling, recipe, yield, offal


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