Recipe Roulette: It’s What’s For Dinner

Random recipe generator




2 thoughts on “Recipe Roulette: It’s What’s For Dinner

  1. amy rushing
    period 2
    The recipe roulette is a great tool that anyone can utilize. I feel this can be very helpful for switching up your meals if you get bored of cooking the same seven things. This can also be helpful for when you don’t know what to cook or are a beginner at cooking. I selected italian, chicken, and main dish to narrow down the selection and got italian rosemary stew and i would’ve never thought to cook that, but that sounds like something i would like to make in the future!

  2. I think Recipe Roulette is such an amazing idea because it helps those who don’t know what they want to eat. The fact that they include a recipe for you instead of just the cuisine’s name is very neat. It’s important for people to make at-home meals instead of going out to eat everyday because it’s a waste of money. The article can be specified if you’re feeling like Italian or Mexican.

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