BK Getting in on the Hot Dog Market

What are your thoughts on this new marketing strategy for Burger King?  Will they sell lots of hot dogs now that Snoop Dogg has given his approval?  Why or why not?


12 thoughts on “BK Getting in on the Hot Dog Market

    1. lol….i think some people would try it…. but i dont think it would be popular or good..i say that because you can go any were and get hot dogs…. i dont think you should get hot dogs from a burger place. they should stick to making burgers….. FROM DELEON LEWIS

  1. i wouldnt get hot dogs from burger king cause they probably wont be good. If i want a hot dog i would go to a hot dog place

  2. I think its cool that burger king is breaking into the hot dog game. I think theyre gonna do well with it, because itś something no similar chains are doing. This kinda reminds me of when McDonalds used to sell pizza- something different

    1. I think they should stick to making burgers. If I were to get hot dogs I’d get them from a hot dog place not a fast food restaurant.

  3. To be honest i would not try it because they are a burger shop and not a hot dog place,plus i just feel they do not taste good at all and they could have came up with a better creation.

  4. I think that this marketing strategy is great for burger king ,as a business you must always find new ways to advertise your product and that is exactly what burger king did. As result i think that they will sell more hot dogs because this commercial will pass through their mind every time they see a burger king from now on.

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