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  1. Wow that looked really easy to make and looks really good. I always thought making donuts was so hard but watching the video made it look so easy to make homemade bakery donuts at home.

  2. it didnt give the amount of ingredients to put in but it looks super easy and simple to make, alot better than the store bought ones

  3. My family is having a superbowl party this weekend and usualy we fry stuff and we always try new things weather it be twinkies oreos or just chickin wings it always ends up pretty good but we have never made donuts im going to try and make these they look like its pretty easy and just like the ones at the donut shop

  4. It looks like I’m going to do this weekend! Not only will it taste great, it wouldn’t cost as much if you bought it from the store!

  5. Soooooooo good! I can finally get junk food without leaving my house! Except for when I go and get the ingredients. And I need to buy a Fryer. But I keep it for a full week if I can´t eat it all at once! As if that will ever happen.

  6. I love donuts and these have always been the one I pass up but now I kind of want to try it. Hopefully mine will come out looking as pretty as theirs.

  7. Wow! this video really just amazed me. i never thought that making old fashion donuts was that easy and i didnt know they used mayo! crazy to know that. now that iv seen this video i learned another ingredient to add to to make my old fashion donuts (:
    Debbie Gutierrez
    Per 5

  8. Those look really good and super easy to make. I really want doughnuts right now. I wonder if u can bake them instead of fry them to make them healthier. Doughnuts are yummy🍩
    Courtney Koregelos period 5

  9. I used to eat these back in the day all the time. I used to put on some pounds from eating so many donuts. There was always a fresh batch in the microwave when I was growing up! I have good memories of making donuts with my grandma.

  10. This looks like a really easy thing to do and really good too. I now know how to fry stuff at home so I can try anything anytime and I think it will be pretty easy. I like that I can make anything anytime now!

  11. Now after watching the video it’s really easy to make old-fashion donuts at home rather than spending double the amount of money going out and buying donuts. I want to try this someday. I now have some respect for doughnut makers haha it takes time and patients to be one.

  12. Me and my dad’s favorite donut. Wish I saw this earlier, don’t think I will have time to do all the chill parts in the video for the dough. Maybe I’ll make some for myself one day, and get some pastry sticks so I can roll them out the right thickness.

  13. I’ve always thought these donuts were the best now I can make them and I’m definitely going to try and make them over break or this weekend. It’s great because instead of buying them we can use ingredients we already have at home 🙂

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