Oprah Loses Weight, So Weight Watchers Must Be Right For Everyone

That was sarcastic; hoping you could tell.  What are your thoughts?




13 thoughts on “Oprah Loses Weight, So Weight Watchers Must Be Right For Everyone

  1. Weight Watchers are most definatly not right for everyone. Losing weight is completely different for everyone. We must remember that Oprah has made a large investment into the company, and her intentions are to see the stock rise.

  2. I dont really believe it because advertizement feel just because they put a superstar on there product that everyone suppose to fall for it but i dont i believe it when i see actual people from the program tell me how it works instead of a superstar or famous person.

  3. Everybody’s body is different, so you can’t assume what worked for Oprah will work for you. Also how do we know that Oprah isn’t just lying about her weight loss to increase the value of her stock and the company’s market value?I personally think that to lose weight all you need to do is drink water, eat whole foods, and exercise regularly.Stick to the basics and you should be fine.

  4. Weight watchers isn’t for everyone and what works for one person might not work for everyone. I think its convenient that it worked for Oprah ,considering the fact that she has a 10 percent stake in the company.

  5. Oprah does not account for how everyones body works. Just because it worked for Oprah does not mean it is guarunteed to work for everyone. With Oprahs large stake in the company this is also very questionable.

  6. Tbh Oprah looks super fake with that smile and pointed finger. I bet you they paid her a ton of money to advertise something that doesn’t work. A lot of people I know tried it and said it was a waste of their time.

  7. I’m 100 % sure that Oprah has being on weightwatchers for a long time.. if I’m right. Weightwatchers was a horrible investment for Oprah. Weightwatchers isn’t for everybody.

  8. I hate how people think just because a celebrity advertises something that it has to work. I always see commercials like that. Its good for the company but people shouldnt always believe what they see. They just oay the celebrities a ton of money to advertise their product.

  9. Just because Oprah did weight watchers and lost 26 pounds and it was very successful for her doesn’t mean it will be for the next person who tries it. Losing weight let alone is different for everyone and all a choice. Just because one of the most wealthy and well known celebrities is did weight watchers and actually lost weight doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone.

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