White Castle Comes Clean


Why would they make a website like this?  What does “White” stand for in their name?




8 thoughts on “White Castle Comes Clean

  1. Whitecastle might be bad for you, but the food is the best. I wish they would build some in california and expanded like in n out.

  2. White castle is honestly so good. I have some in the freezer waiting for me as soon as im done with french, and thats honestly all i care about. after reading that last article though, I will definitely be checking the expiration date so I dont contract any disease.

  3. When reading the title of this article, I got really scared because I thought it was going to say something about the cleanliness of the store and possible recalls. Glad to know one of the original fast food chains is edible

  4. White Castle is a delicacy that is not offered here in california, and as a lover of white castle that disappoints me. Knowing that they are still safe to eat makes me want some right now but white castle isnt smart like in n out so that would be quite the drive just for a couple three inch burgers.

  5. they would make a website like this to show that clean and sanitary food is important to them. lately a lot of business have had problems with dirty food. White stands for the color of their buns and the color of the castle of their logo.

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