Artist Creates Detailed, Playful Cat Portraits Using Different Types Of Coffee




7 thoughts on “Artist Creates Detailed, Playful Cat Portraits Using Different Types Of Coffee

  1. Wow, it’s cool that people can use almost anything they want to paint. I never would have thought of using coffee to paint, and I definitely wouldn’t have the patience to do it.

  2. It is really creative to use coffee in a way of art. The details in the pictures make it so much more amazing. I never knew that coffee could be used for art because if it seems difficult to work with. This art shows dedication because of how long it must have taken with the different shades and details.

  3. I think its so creative that people can literally make art out of eveything. Ive seen people paint with a bunch of creative stuff but ive never heard of coffee. I wonder how they ever got it to look that good.

  4. Its really interesting to see people use different materials for art. It must have taken patience to test different coffees to find a variety of shades to paint with. The details are admirable too.

  5. I think it is so amazing to see the inspiration that artist get from practically anything. Who knew that coffee had more than one purpose. This is extremely creative and the detail you can see blows my mind because its done by coffee.

  6. This is really interesting. I’m amazed at the detail this guy can put into these things. I probably could barely make a smiley face with coffee.

  7. It’s quite interesting to see coffee being used for art, I understand that you can make cool art with the foam of the coffee , like little hearts and cool shapes. But I never thought about using the coffee for ACTUAL painting purposes, which is unique. Talented indeed. But my artistic abilities are not at the level so I would more than likely just drink the coffee.

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