Yikes: Glow in the Dark Pork?




17 thoughts on “Yikes: Glow in the Dark Pork?

  1. I wonder what was in the pork that made it glow. I wonder if it was safe to eat, as well. It kind of looks like hi lighter ink got splattered onto it.

  2. It seems kind of insane to find that your meat is glow in the dark. Some say they wouldnt eat it but honestly i would because i want to see if i would glow.

  3. It’s called phosphorus… Though I find it interesting that the article didn’t mention what phosphorus compound the pigs need to eat, as phosphorus in itself is not an element found by itself very often. This is because it was super high reactivity and will quite literally light itself on fire when in contact with certain elements. Also, phosphorus is pretty often found in cleaning supplies like detergents, though it is naturally found through the phosphorus cycle. I wonder what exactly about the element, however, causes it to glow when on pork… and just how safe it would be to eat when in that form. (And I wonder if the man contacted Chinese poison control, or how else his story got out.)

  4. Wow… this is very interesting because what if the meat from china was transferred to the US and we could be eating this kind of stuff. I wonder if its only ¨phosphorous¨ is the only thing that causes this to happen maybe they are feeding the pigs something else O_o Also at the end of the it state that a women also from china bought a piece of steak that started TWITCHING there has to be an explanation why meat meat from china is weird. Hopefully the meat over here doesn´t occur here

  5. id never eat something that glowed in the dark cause you don’t know what caused it to glow in the dark and also it could probably make you sick.

  6. The guy should sue for all the meat he bought, what if that meat was served to someone and they died or went ill that could be bad for the company that breaded the pigs.

  7. I didn’t know that too much phosphorus can actually make the meat glow, even though it might glow i doubt that eating the meat will actually hurt you since phosphorus is an essential element that is present in every cell in the body.

  8. this is so crazy i could not imagen that if i bought that much meat for that much money i would go back and tell them i would like my money back. i think it would be cool to see it but if he didn’t see it and he ate the glow and the dark meat that would have been really bad for him.

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