Chicago Students Plan to Boycott ‘Gross, Unhealthy’ School Food


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11 thoughts on “Chicago Students Plan to Boycott ‘Gross, Unhealthy’ School Food

  1. I am glad that we don’t have yucky lunches. It’s too bad that other cities serve not good food. It looks to be spoiled. I would complain and boycott too. They are not being very careful with their food.

  2. This is disgusting. I do not buy the school lunches here but if i did and the food looked like that i would wanna do something about it. I honestly feel bad for the student at this school but im glad they are trying to do something about it

  3. im glad students are taking action. The staff probably wouldnt care about the students complaints about lunch unless it affected there paycheck. doing this will also show these large companys and the school staff and even the students that you can’t underestimate the power of a group of people. I really hope that it works out becuse its sad that schools will even think about giving students this kind of food like a pice of plastic in a burger if this was a resteant im sure they would be shut down untill the problem is fixed this is just unacceptable. teens are growing people and they need good food not the same 3 crapy food items with a little bit of vartity every now and then.

  4. I feel bad that these kids get this. I would at least want something good looking if I bought it. I hope the boycott works because kids don’t deserve this. School lunches should have things we want to eat.
    Courtney Koregelos period 5

  5. It looks discussing i would never ever eat this in my entire life they should never add this in a school lunch EVER!!!!!

  6. Yes! Someone is stepping up about how gross school lunches are! I mean im glad ours aren’t that bad but if you actually watch where the food comes out of, you wouldnt eat it so willingly. When i was in elementary school we had to be lunch helpers in the kitchen and the mac and cheese got squeezed out of a bag and heated up xp bleh.

  7. This is a serious problem, i don’t know if the food at my school is that bad because i never eat school lunches BECAUSE they are unhealthy. And another problem is schools are trying to add healthier school lunches, so they take away snacks that kids love and just replace it with another unhealthy food so its kind of pointless.:)

  8. Im glad they are doing something about this. School lunches should give out good foods that we want to eat and I hope the boycott works. Its good that students are taking action

  9. This is horribly disgusting and unhealthy. I can’t believe that they are even debating weather or not to change the school menu. It’s not safe for us (students) to be eating that kind of food. Maybe if schools served better lunch more people would buy it.

  10. I feel that what there are doing is a good thing because no one wants to go to school and eat bursed up unhealthy food that look like it can really get you sick i just feel they should go through with it because that is a good reason to boycott the food from school i dont even know why schools would want to serve that type of food to student, would they eat that if they got that for lunch.

  11. Im glad someone is speaking out. The school lunches are nasty and look like cardboard. We need healthier and tasty choices. This would also benefit the school because more students would buy lunch.

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