Nima: A Portable Gluten Tester




3 thoughts on “Nima: A Portable Gluten Tester

  1. I didn’t realize the FDA standards for “gluten-free” just means the gluten content is under 20mm. However, this tool will surely be useful for those with allergies or other gluten problems; I know quite a few people who would benefit from this. However, as the container used to hold the tested food is disposable, I wonder how much plastic or material will be used up. The sharing capabilities seemed a little silly at first, but I quickly realized it could be important for those with gluten problems visiting restaurants (my friend once mentioned making an app for this purpose). Cool invention, and it looks pretty sleek and portable!

  2. This is a great device. This could change the world for more than just people with a gluten allergy. This technology could help people with other severe allergy’s or one day even diabetics to enjoy any foods they want without risking their health. I believe this could help a lot of people already if it were a little cheaper.
    Robbie Husted

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