The World’s Most Controversial McDonald’s?




15 thoughts on “The World’s Most Controversial McDonald’s?

  1. This is really cool a national monument being turned into a mcdonalds. Everyone can see the history in all the posters inside about the building inside. Its nice to see that chinas capital has a american fast food.

  2. Unlike Chris, I read the article and I think that McDonald’s should stop spread obesity all over the world, because no one is loving it.

  3. I think that it’s kind of disrespectful to the Chinese to throw a McCafe in the middle of something that’s culturally important to them. Yes, McDonald’s tastes great but at the same time you’re taking something important to the Chinese and disregarding the history they have. It may be filled with information about who’s lived there and what happened, but its still a big slap in the face. America is pulling a kind of invasive move with this, and I think that the owner should take the McCafe out. It may make money but what he did is kind of rude and offensive.

  4. I find it odd that someone would make a historical building into a fastfood resturant. Now as a bit of a history buff my self as well as not a huge fan of mcdonalds I am appauled by such an idea, however the man who put it there has some fair points. He is complying with government regulations by not using open flames and having decorations such as portrits related to the historical site. On top of all that he also fixed up the decaing site and added the McCafe to make money to pay the rent to the government. So its all really just a matter of perspective.

  5. I think he had to repair the building so in modern day he technically deserves the villa, but invading chinese culture and I think it wasnt morally correct.

  6. Opening a McDonalds in or on a historical landmark or place would ruin that places’ historical value. They could of opened one down the street away from the place or have one around the corner.

  7. I think they shouldnt put a mcdonlads inside there. They should put it at least across the street or something instead. i understand they are trying to make money, but i just feel like its just not right.

  8. I think if it isn’t against the law then they can do what they want in China. If the building hasn’t been in use and this is a way to display history and keep the building in good condition I say go ahead and do it, it isn’t hurting anyone.

  9. Putting myself in this situation I think all the man did was buy a villa and fixed it to his liking. If it was seen as a historic place to the chinese they would not of put it up for sale. I beleive that the man did nothing wrong because it was a decaying and hardly even looked at villa and he saw it as a profitable business opportunity.

  10. It’s disrespectful on McDonalds part because not only are they a big enough company that they would still thrive with out this particular branch but they are disreguarding the historic grounds.. They could have at least had it like around the corner.

  11. Opening a McDonalds in or on a historical landmark or place would ruin that places’ historical value. i think they shouldnt have put a mcdonalds in their i think they should have opened it another place around it.
    debbie gutierrez

  12. Yelena Makoyed P.6
    i think this is really weird and really ugly. its not attractive to people at all. i, for example, would never eat here.

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