Hot Cocoa Rice Krispie Treats




21 thoughts on “Hot Cocoa Rice Krispie Treats

  1. OMG that sounds so good and seems really easy to make in no time. It also seems like it could be a really good Thanksgiving dessert

  2. These look really good, but like you couldn’t have more than one at a time. However, you could share it with a bunch of people, so it’d be a good party food, or a good family dinner dessert kind of thing.

  3. Looks like a very tasty treat. Something That maybe I could try to make sometime with my family or when we have a family friend get together. looks different and something that would definitely everyone would enjoy eating for dessert

  4. I love rice crispy treats and I love chocolate, so this is great for me! I know what I’m making for the weekend.

  5. This recipe sounds great for winter time because it combines the taste of hot chocolate which goes great with the season with the great taste of a rice crispy treat. I would make these anytime and it sounds very easy which make all the difference.

  6. This looks delicious and something I would definitely make around Christmas time. I don’t know about the chocolate powder on top though because it tastes too artificial to me.

  7. These look so good! The treats would be great for a wintertime snack, but with all that sugar it would be hard to eat more than a little.

  8. This looks really good. It would be a good snack for the holidays but it looks super sugary so you could probably only have one.

  9. YESSSSSSS!! this looks sooo good! I once tried to make something similar and ended up burning the bottom of it. It was a big smore and besides the burnt graham cracker crumbs at the bottom the rest was really good. I think ill try this one next

  10. OMG, rice crispy treats and chocolate put together is perfection! This looks like an easy recipe too. I am totally going to get this recipe and make it at home.

  11. This looks really good, I would have this everytime I have dessert. I kinda want to make this on a free cooking day, it looks amazing, its pretty creative

  12. “Mix it up, lick spoon..repeat!”

    They know us teens so well hah! This looks so yummy, although I don’t know about putting hot chocolate powder on top. I’d probably sneeze or cough cause of it.

    It looks so freaking yummy though. Definitely going to try it next free lab day, that’ll be fun!

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