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  1. I wonder if you can actaully eat the hole cake or if some parts you cant eat. But its really cool how they made that, but it must take so long to make and so much time n thought to make and i dont think i would be able to make this or anything that cool.

  2. People who take the time to do amazing culinary art like this really make me happy. The amount of creativity and precision in this in unbelievable. It usually takes me a lot of time to even get a couple of lines straight because my hands can shake but she had total confidence in her placements and made something truly amazing. Good job.

  3. wow i love star wars. i think she did a good job on making a scale cake model on the millenium falcon. i wouldnt eat it because it looks so cool.

  4. The amount of detail that these people strain to create really amazes me, as it really truly is a higher art form despite its seeming lack of recognition. Most people can’t make that out of every day materials, let alone totally edible ones. I wonder who ate it if anyone, or if it were made for fun or a particular event (possibly answered in the video description, which wouldn’t load for some reason), and how many people it could serve. It looks huge! The fact they even created a painted, let alone airbrushed, backdrop is also incredible. However, due to my aversion to fondant, I’d have to say I likely would pass up on partaking in this feast.

  5. I have seen that jedi space craft for 3 minutes. it looks like it took alot of work and skill to make that cake. it looked like the real millenium falcon. just because luke skywalker fell off the vaders cliff

  6. This cake looks amazing but it prolly tastes like crap cause its literally just fondant and cake with nothing on the inside. lol all the ckes re like this but the amount of work and time the person put into this is just amazing.

  7. This is really cool! I wish I had to talent to do this! This is very amazing! People who have the talent to do this is really awesome. Just look at the amount of detail, beautiful and very hard work. This is a work of art.

  8. I think this cake is a really impressive, edible art. I love the visual presentation of it and I wonder how long it took her to put all of that detail in it. Although its really cool looking, I probably wouldn’t be interested in eating any of it because I’m not a fan of fondant. This idea would be really fun for a kid’s birthday party.

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