Study Links Soda to Heart Failure




15 thoughts on “Study Links Soda to Heart Failure

  1. I was surprised how much sugar is in juices. 3 1/2 cups of frosted flakes is equal to 1 drink of monster. that is just crazy. So it’s important to watch your sugar intake even in natural things.

  2. That’s interesting, I never thought about all the sugar in Monster energy drinks; I never really drank them myself either. I see a lot of people buying and drinking them, and with all that sugar they’re putting into their bodies, it’s obviously not good and can later on in life cause heart problems.

  3. I feel that even though they tracked over 42 thousand males doesn’t determine if the sugar drinks cause it il all men and what about women how dose it affect them

  4. I bet that not many people will actually get heart disease, but I personally don’t drink soda because I’ve always known it’s horrible for you in some way. I’m glad I won’t get heart disease.

  5. Yeah there are a huge amounts of sugars in soda, but some sodas have less than average. Heart disease is a huge issue in the u.s to due obesity. I think that you can drink soda, but keep it in moderation

  6. I never actually drank Monster energy drinks, but i do drink soda, not a lot of it though. I always see people buying and drinking them. I knew that they were bad for you, but i never knew why they were bad for you. Now i know. 🙂

  7. It is no surprise to me that sodas are linked to heart failures ,because they just have too much sugar and too much of anything causes damage to your body.-
    David Gonzalez per.6

  8. Soda can’t just cause heart failure, it can also cause kidney issues,reproductive issues,osteoporosis and obesity. To me, this connection between soda and heart failure doesn’t surprise me. Soda has always had negative health effects and that is why we should make an effort to drink it less often.

  9. I’m surprised how much sugar is contained in these drinks. Also how we drink them without taking into consideration how much sugar is actually in the drinks.

  10. Not that surprising seeing how much sugar and caffeine there is in sodas and energy drinks. That’s why you the best drink you can have is water.

  11. I am completely aware of how much sugar and caffeine is contained in these kind of beverages, even before reading this article, yet I have not cut soda and red bull out of my life completely. Sugar is contained in all of the food we eat, just in different moderation’s. I think it is important to not have too much because it can lead to heart failure, but one does not necessarily need to cut it out entirely. Every once in awhile energy drinks and soda are fun to have, but in moderation.

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