Kids Seeing More Unhealthy Snack Ads, Report Says




4 thoughts on “Kids Seeing More Unhealthy Snack Ads, Report Says

  1. I think is a big problem. Kids today are a lot less healthy than kids used to be. Companies should advertise healthy foods to kids

  2. I think that the reson unhealthy food is advertised more than healthy food is that it is sold more giving more money for advertising raising more money for unhealthy food repeating the cycle.

  3. I think the reason kids are attracted to junk food is because of all the advertisement and the bright colors. It seems like the only advertisements we see are ones for junk food because the organic and healthy foods make less revenue due to the limited amount of product which causes prices to rise. I think if healthier food was advertised more and cheaper than the majority of people would buy the healthier option rather than the cheap junk food.

  4. I think advertising influences young kids but its the parents who can actually go and buy it so its essentially useless if the parents are good parents restricting junky food.

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