Grub Kitchen to Open in the UK


What makes this restaurant unique?




4 thoughts on “Grub Kitchen to Open in the UK

  1. dude this united states candy map looks like a heart attack waiting to happen. Imagine if the whole u.s. lived on just candy. every one would be really unhealthy.- Brieanne Pyle

  2. Eating grubs is a pretty good source of protein, though the article makes a good point by admitting we still aren’t sure if your digestive systems can process it to its full. My family has and uses cricket flour now and then, and it really doesn’t taste any different than regular flour and works largely the same way, plus it’s supposedly higher in this bug protein. Also, as the article points out, raising bugs would be a lot more efficient than cattle or other meats, though the stigma against eating bugs will likely last for a long while. (And I’ll admit myself, the idea of eating a whole bug does still gross me out, cricket flour or no.)

  3. I personally have never eaten a insect for food but after reading this article I might give it a try. I have heard, just like the article points out, that they are high in protein. This sounds like a great idea, but the tough part will definitely be getting people to eat this food. I probably wouldn’t try to eat any worms but I would definitely like to try that bug burger.

  4. I have eaten an insect before when i was little. I dont really remember what it wasted likee but if you season them right im sure it would be good

    Alec Vasquez


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