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  1. Personally, i dont think this could be accurate because i dont even like lifesavers. Although, i find it pretty cool that we can look at peoples favorite candy by state.

  2. I think that its cool how they showed all the candys that the state liked, But i dont think its correct because lifesavers are good but i dont see a lot of people eating them or saying that its there favoirte food. But the map is really cool

  3. Why is our states halloween candy life savers? Im surprised that it’s not kit kats because everyone i know loves kit kats. Just the other day people were scavenging threw my halloween candy looking for them.

  4. I love how creative they were to record what halloween candy the states like. I like Life Savers and few of my close friends do too but I don think it would be correct for the California state. I think it would be M&M or Butterfingers.

  5. I don’t think that this is true. I don’t like lifesavers and not many
    People do. I like the idea of this candy chart. It’s cool to see what different places like different candies. I think our candy should be sour patch kids.
    Courtney Koregelos

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