10% of Vegetarian Hot Dogs Contain Meat


 “…Perhaps worse, the company found hygiene issues in four of its 21 vegetarian samples. It also found human DNA in 2% of its hot dog samples — and two-thirds of the vegetarian samples.”



7 thoughts on “10% of Vegetarian Hot Dogs Contain Meat

  1. It is honestly really disgusting that the hot dogs contain meat. I’ve heard of a lot of vegetarian foods that contain meat and it not okay.

  2. I think all hotdogs contain mean in some way so its not a suprise that they found that 10 percent of vegetarien hot dogs contain meat.The hygene issue and dna found in the vege hot dogs i think are because of the companys santitation issues. They should set better expectations for their company.

  3. I’m not vegetarian but that’s terrible for some who is. Finding out they’ve been eating meat all along. My sister can’t eat meat or she ends up sick, and no wonder she can only eat certain vegetarian sausages. That’s really messed up and the companies need to make right with this.,

  4. It sucks that people who are vegetarian have to now rethink what they eat because of false advertisement of the hot dogs being vegetarian. It also makes me wonder how when they’re making it how they don’t notice that they put meat inside the dish.

  5. I’m not surprised that something that claims to be vegetarian has meat in it. This is why vegetarians and vegans read the fine print on the food labels. My boyfriend’s family is all vegetarian and they have renounced eating “vegetarian” hot dogs because you can never be sure what food companies are actually putting in their product.

  6. I find it shocking, yet possible that there is meat found in vegetarian hot dogs. It is worse that vegetarians are eating some meat when they excluded meat out of their diet. Another shocking and thing found was human DNA which questions your trust in the company.

  7. I’m not vegetarian but I think it’s wrong that they put meat in vegetarian hot dogs because people who are vegetarian can’t eat it.

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