Food Truck Challenge


Food Truck Challenge


The gourmet food truck craze has hit many cities in North America. Food trucks have become so popular that there is even a show on FoodTV called EAT ST. Some cities even have street food parks where gourmet food carts can congregate and sell their delicious food.

Many of these food trucks aren’t selling your typical hot dogs and fries, they are coming up with interesting foods for people to eat on the go. These chefs and entrepreneurs are also using the power of social media (i.e. tweeting their location for their followers) to build “buzz” surrounding their food truck.

HOWEVER the foundation of their success is great tasting, inventive food that is handmade using local, seasonal ingredients…and a lot of passion!


In your group, you are to develop a food truck concept to show Orangeville that this food phenomenon isn’t just a trend, but something that adds character, can bring media attention to the city and fill a need for great tasting, interesting and diverse food. The food has to be able to be prepared in a food truck and be able to be eaten with your hands or one utensil (i.e. a spoon or a fork). The concept has to be your own; do not copy something off of the show. You do not need to come up with an entire menu but you do need to come up with a minimum of 5 food items and 3 drinks.

Required Elements:

  1. Menu Items: You will need to come up with 5 dishes and three drinks for your food truck that compliment each other. What you can not do is a standard French fry cart or simple hot dog stand. Be creative and put some creativity and  passion in what you want to serve to your customers. You will need recipes for the food items you create as well as a scaled down version of your menu board.
  1. Name of your Food Truck: The name of your food truck should be creative and catchy and possibly give customers a hint of what’s in store for them if they stop at your establishment.
  1. Truck Design:The outside of the truck should be eye-catching and make people want to stop…since they haven’t tried your amazing food yet. Once you get them to the window it’s up to you to wow them with your food! You must design the inside of the truck as well.  You have to think about safety and sanitation (fridges, hand washing sink, compartment sink for washing dishes). You have to design the inside based around the menu items you are serving. You should think about where equipment will be placed, how the flow will work, etc..
  1. Food Presentation: Brainstorm about how you will serve the food. You must have the menu decided before you will decide on the container in which you will serve your food items. Type of container, impact on the environment and ease of eating your food from the container is very important. If you can manage to get a sample of the container that you would like to use, that would certainly help your overall presentation.
  1. Food Prices: Determine how much to charge: pricing is very important in the food industry… charge too much and people may not buy, charge too little and you won’t be in business for very long. Customers need to feel like they are getting value for their money. One of the advantages of gourmet food trucks is that they are an affordable way to be exposed to really good food that is of restaurant quality.
  1. Equipment: You will determine what equipment is required to prep, cook, serve and clean your dishes out of your food truck.
  2. RationaleYour rationale should be one page explaining why we need gourmet food trucks in Orangeville. Your reasoning would argue your point and provide reasons to support that argument. Some of these reasons should be based on facts and economics as well as a passionate belief for good food. Use the internet to research articles around this subject.

The following is a list of items that should be included in your project in order to help you be successful. Also included is framework for all necessary requirements to help with the completion of your assignment.

  • Title Page (group names, course code(TFJ3CE and date)
  • Food Truck Theme
  • Food Truck Name
  • Food Truck Design & Logo (outside) 3D Model (template included)
  • Food Truck Equipment Layout Sketch (inside)
  • Food Truck Equipment List (to prep, cook, serve and clean)
  • Menu Items with Cost Sheet
  • Rationale (why Orangeville should have food trucks)



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