Should Tipping Be Banned?

Post your thoughts why or why not. Back up your reasoning with logic or other examples either from the article, personal experience, your observations or studies.




24 thoughts on “Should Tipping Be Banned?

  1. I think that tipping should not be banned because it has been a way to show appreciation to the waitresses and people who served your food. I see no offense in this and i believe that people should respect the tradition that Americans have had for years.

  2. Me & my mom always remember to tip because we know how hard they work to help our needs. My sister is a manager at Olive Garden & she always complains how some customers are very needy/pushy but never leave a tip. People tip because they think the waiter/ waitress deserves it. I don’t think this is logical.

    1. I think that what he is doing in his restaurant is cool. Even though I would not say that I should be illegal because some people would want to show that they appreciate their good service even thought they already payed for it.

      Chandler Bonner

  3. I think tipping should be nessisary. Not just resurants. Tips are a great alway for employees to make money and it is good for the customer to be able to chose the amount they want to tip instead of just paying a lot for their food. Tips should not be stopped!!

  4. I think tipping is a way to reward the waiter or waitress. I feel like not leaving a tip can allow the waiter or waitress to not work to their full potential. Leaving a tip can be a factor for hard work from waiters and waitresses.
    Jayde Nickell Period 3

  5. I think they should keep tipping, because it is a way so show appreciation toward the servers at the restaurant, and thank them if they did a good job. If you take away tipping the people should be payed more.

  6. I think tipping is very important when eating at a restaurant because it shows you care about how hard these servers work to bring not just you but everyone who enters the restaurant. Servers work very hard everyday to make sure everything is perfect for their customers even if you don’t realize it.

  7. I really think tipping should not be banned. Tipping shows the waiter or waitress if u liked how they served u. Without tipping, people who serve horrible will still get paid the same the good servers. Good servers deserve tips. I think tipping should stay. Courtney Koregelos period 5 😀 😛 ❤

  8. I do not think that tipping should be banned. If waiters are charged a certain wage, they made not strive to be excellent service to the customer anymore. Getting that tip shows the gratitude of the customer, which certain waiters definitely deserve.

  9. I don’t think it’s good to not have tips. There will be no incentive for the waiters to be friendly or fast. If you just get payed a flat salary, then you only have to do the bare minimum. Every place should have the option to give tips, but not require it.

  10. I’m conflicted on whether or not tipping should be banned. A pro of banning tipping would be that servers/waiters would be paid fair wages and the customer would not have to worry about if their tip was sufficient. On the other hand, if we got rid of tipping, the waiters/waitresses might not be as motivated to provide excellent service.

  11. I think that tipping is good for both the customer and the waiter. It is the customers way to show appreciation for the food and service provided, and it is incentive for the waiter to provide good quality service. But here in the us, it is becoming more of an obligation, not a choice. I have been to Japan and in their culture, it is very rude, and almost negative to leave a tip. Doing so implies that the servers are not paid enough or the food isn’t good enough. This is pretty offensive. Even without the tip, the service was still fantastic, and i think that it is due to the fact that they are paid a decent wage for the job they do. If servers were paid a decent wage, and tipping wasn’t an obligation, then I think that we would be just fine.

  12. I believe that this is a great idea. A higher paid employee will be more motivated to attend customers well. Also this would be beneficial for customers since they won’t have to worry about the amount of tip they have to leave for the waiter. Not only that, in some restaurants tipping is already added on to the amount due, so why not just add it on to the Menu? This is great overall for the customers and employees of the restaurant.

  13. I don’t think tipping should be banned. Servers who work hard should be tipped. For the most part servers work really hard.

  14. I think that tipping shouldn’t be banned from restaurants. Tipping gives more money to the employees, which is always good. Even if wages are raised, thats more expensive, than letting the customers do it out of the goodness of their hearts. Tipping should motivate employees to work harder and provide better service.

  15. I don’t think tipping should be banned, it gives waiter’s a reason to work harder for their customers, and in return they get extra money.

  16. when i first saw this article I thought, “wait, waiters and waitresses need that money. you cant do that.” But if they are going to replace the tips with constant cash, then why not. I feel that if you actually pay them without making the payment to high, they will continue to do decent work and provide good service. If the amount is too high, the waiters will definitely slack off. I think it is a good idea, but the owners will have to be very careful when deciding what the pay is.

  17. In the us, waiters and waitresses currently make more off of tips than from their paychecks. this can lead to uncertainty among waiters about whether or not they will make enough money to live of. It is becoming more common seeing people trying to support themselves on the amount of money they get from their waiting jobs. If they raised it but prohibit tipping, this gives the waiter and waitress no incentive to be kind to the customer. There is a problem both ways but the restaurants don’t see the obvious solution. If they raised wages AND allowed tipping, then everybody wins! Let people tip but lower the average tipping rate from 15% to somewhere between 5%-10% and the waiters can live off of their average wages but still have the incentive to be polite to the customers. Not to mention tipping is optional anyway, so no one loses. I cant have been the only one to think of this.
    Robbie Husted

  18. I dont think tipping should be banned. However I think it shouldnt be a requirement i feel it should be a compliment for good servise. Why should I be responsible to pay the resterants employies. In fact before the prohabition tipping was considered an insult and a bribe. As this video puts it tipping does nothing but force the customers to pay the waiters becuse the resterant pays them less than minum wage. So all in all I dont think tipping should be banned i just think that the waiters should be payed a livable amount and that tipping should be an option for good servce there for giving the waiters an insentive to do better and give good service. In fact on avrage people only tip about 1% more for good service. So required tipping bad optioal tipping good.

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