Zombie Mouth Cupcakes




18 thoughts on “Zombie Mouth Cupcakes

  1. These are so nasty. I think anyone that has the patience to make these is awesome. I’d never be able to make these or even be able to look at them. They’re pretty cool though.

  2. That’s a great idea. You could even add something to make the mouth move so it move like a real zombie. You cold also make hands and other creepy creations with that.

  3. This looks really cool, it takes a lot of skulpting skill to do this, very impressive. It’s amazing what you can do with fondant, it’s just like clay that you can eat.

  4. This is awesome for a Halloween party. I wouldn’t eat this because it’s to cool and very creepy because it would be like eating someone else mouth, gross.

  5. I believe that the artist who did this is a cool person, because he used inspiration from zombies to make a realistic looking cupcakes.

  6. This is a great cupcake for zombie fans or a way to freak people out with food. It is also an easy dessert to make for others to haunt them. Personally, I would not eat them. Instead I would probably just look at them because eating it would gross me out.
    Jayde Nickell Period 3

  7. A brain cake is a super cool idea. Now it is the perfect because Halloween is just around the corner. The brain looked super real with the flesh colored fond it that was really good looking super real.

  8. I think this is pretty interesting, it’s perfect because it’s Halloween, cool for people who are into zombies.

  9. I think that looks really cool. I don’t think I’d eat it though. It must take a lot of artistic ability to make those. It looks a little too real for me.

  10. This looks absolutely terrible, even if it tasted good I couldn’t eat it. Food should not be made to look like gore. I don’t understand what would compel someone to make this. Appearance is everything in food and that appears to be the worst thing to eat.

  11. I love these creepy cakes they’re so creative! These cupcakes look like the real thing, I can’t imagine how long it took to pack so much detail into that small of a canvas. I would love to try making these but I doubt that I could come close to these culinary masterpieces. The real question is if they taste as good as they look.

  12. It looks good for a halloween, but other that I would not eat it. It is creative but it looks like it tastes gross and is not very appealing to me. If it was right in front of me I probably would not eat it it.

  13. I think that if I attempted to make these they would not look nearly as realistic and cool as these do in the photo. It’s a cool thing for halloween parties if you want to put the time and effort into them. They also probably don’t taste nearly as good as some people might think.

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