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  1. I really like this cake. I also really like the walking dead so this cake is perfect. I like this cake not only because of the walking dead but because it is very creative and it looks like it would take a long time to make and people would probably be scared to eat if they don’t like the walking dead or just brains in general. I want to how they thought of this and what encouraged them to do it.

  2. I don’t really watch the walking dead but my mom does I think the cake really looks like a brain. It looks very gross especially the raspberry sauce that she puts on the outside of the cake. I’m sure it tastes good.

  3. This cake is really cool looking but I think that if I took all that time to make it , I wouldnt want to eat it
    Lily Castillo
    P. 1

  4. I mean it looks pretty cool but I can’t imagine why someone would put that much time into making that and then just shove their hand into it. As annoying as she is, she definitely has a lot of talent

  5. This is really interesting because its so creative that it effects your taste, you dont want to eat it because it looks so gross. I think if chefs can create such infulential foods then they can create other foods to influence.

  6. I like this cake. It would be great for a Halloween party. I wonder if it was made with fondant or buttercream. I really would love to make one out of fondant and use strawberry syrup for the blood. It’s cool.
    Courtney Koregelos period 5 😀 😛 ❤

  7. this is actually pretty legit, It looks pretty real especially after she put the red gloss on top. What i hate about this is that the outside looks good but the inside is drastic. its literally just velvet cake with fondant on top , that would tast so plain and gross.

  8. This is awesome! It really does look like a brain! I feel like people who make themed cakes are real troopers because it takes such a long time to make them. I’ve never seen someone put jam on a cake before though? That was interesting to me. It makes me really curious as to what it makes the cake taste like especially because in my opinion there arent a lot of good toppings that go with red velvet cake.

  9. This was an awesome cake it looks a lot like some thing from the walking dead! If I tried to do something like this it would take SO much of my time. Per.5 amber colbert

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