Sandwich Masters, A Card Game Where You Make Sandwiches


How does this game work? Would you buy it? Why or why not?



9 thoughts on “Sandwich Masters, A Card Game Where You Make Sandwiches

  1. The thought of a card game to “make” your sandwiches is cool idea! You can make/experiment so many different ingredients that’ll make it more interesting.

  2. These are cool comercials for people to keep being inerested in their product. The though of games for making food is a cool idea. You can experement with all kinds of ingredents which is cool. These comericals make me hungry.

  3. Oh my gosh yes please! I would totally love it if I could build a sandwich and be missing the cheese and put a yellow glove like the picture inside the sandwich! This is a lot like the b.s. game but with sandwiches. What more would you want in a card game??

  4. I think this is really cool. Sometimes I forget how to make a sandwich and this is a perfect idea for others who forget too. But I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who forgets.

  5. i think this would be a fun game to play if you are hungry with a bunch of friends. i wouldn’t eat it because there is a glove in there.
    akash bagga

  6. There was a game I played a young child called slamwitch. A game that was basically slapjack with cards that looked like sandwiches. And now there is this ha,e that claims to be like poker. So in a few years are we going to see a sandwich version of blackjack? Regardless, it still seems like a fun game to play.

    Robbie Husted

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