Why Beef is the New SUV


Would you give up eating beef to save the planet?  Do you agree or disagree with the findings in the article?




7 thoughts on “Why Beef is the New SUV

  1. I honestly don’t think I can give up beef, I mean I adore steak and stuff. If it were the only thing that would save the world and EVERYONE had to give up steak, I probably would.
    But if it were just me I’d be pretty mad because literally everyone else could eat steak. I’d be the one to end the world because I wanted ribs.

  2. 65% of the industry though…. that’s a lot of jobs to lose if we stop farming cows as much. Tons of people will have to find something else to work with and many people do enjoy beef… Having to change would be pretty difficult.

  3. I dont think people have the selflessness to give up beef. Beef has been a staple of our diet, and unlike SUVs, we have been depending on beef products for all of modern history

  4. I’m not sure that we can go to the extant of calling beef the new SUV, but I do beleive that it can bring some sort of damage on the environment, and expecaly on our bodies. There will always be people who couldn’t give up meat for more then a day, but there are also people who didn’t have meat in their diet long before this descovery. I don’t think that it would be impossible for most of the human race to give up beef.

  5. I could never give.up beef either and I dont eat beef on a regular basis. I know the economy would totally benefit from it but no I couldnt give it up.

  6. I could give up beef in my life if it meant making the world a healthier place. I don’t think that my diet should hold back the health of the earth or the people who live in it. Not enough people are thinking about the long run or the risks they know they are taking by doing things they know are making the world a worse place.

  7. Interesting article. my favorite part of the article was when the co worker said F*** al gore. Never would of thought that eating beef and pollution have anything related to each other. crazy that a pound of meat has the same effects as driving 70 miles.

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