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  1. This trick would be good for something like a party but i feel that just for normal use i would rather just use a bag of normal popcorn.

    Chandler Bonner

  2. i did not know that you can pop corn straight of the cob i thought it had to come from the seed. I want to experiment with this at home what if i scrape off the corn and do it then will the same outcome occur

  3. I love corn on the cob and popcorn so this would be cool to try. I was wondering though if it would taste the same as popcorn in a regular microwave bag, and also if its healthier or not.

  4. Besides for a party trick I don’t quite see the point in creating popcorn directly on the cob. Question: would you eat it like a regular cob of corn or peel off the popcorn bite by bite? It’d seem rather uncomfortable and unwieldy to eat, and it better be salty and super buttery! Who’s down for bringing a few of these bad boys to a movie theatre?

  5. I like popcorn and I like corn but it put together like that is no Bueno. It also doesn’t sound very appetizing “popcorn on the cob” it sounds disgusting actually.

  6. HOW!!!!!!!!!! How does this work? How did she fit 2 tall grocery bags into a regular microwave? How would you eat this? you would bite into it and get so many pieces of corn stuck in your teeth that you would still be regretting eating it 3 months later. Just stick to eating popcorn in a bowl and wait for the day scientists invent a microwave that will bring you your food when it is done. Isn’t science great.
    Robbie Husted P.4

  7. That is really cool i never knew that you could do that. But i feel like this person must have been bored and wanted to try this out because im pretty sure its just cheaper if you go to dollar tree and buy a pack of popcorn for a dollar. But its really cool that you can make popcorn like that

  8. I really want to make this. I think this is really creative. I’d love to put seasonings on the corn then cook it. That’s really cool and it would be great for a party. My brothers would love this. I would totally give it to my cousin who doesn’t like corn because it’s a vegetable, but he loves popcorn. Maybe then he would like corn. That was a cool video and I really wanna try it. 😛 😀 ❤
    Courtney Koregelos period 5

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