Infrared Laser Thermometer for $15 Shipped!




9 thoughts on “Infrared Laser Thermometer for $15 Shipped!

  1. This invention was a great idea to this world it can be used for some many things, for heating and food related things. -Collin,Period.6

  2. I feel like this invention is a great idea for chefs and the food classes at schools. It helped a lot when we made the sauce for our pasta we had made in class. And that was really good!

  3. This is a really cool machine and it can be used at many different purposes like working on your car to cooking food in class. The machine can tell u if your burning your food or if your food is raw which is cool. The machine is so light so it can be carried around easily and stored easily.

  4. I seriously need one of these, because I really like knowing exactly how hot or cold things are and its really helpful to know what the temperature is, or sometimes you need to know what the temperature of your stuff is.
    Also I don’t like stabbing my food to take its temperature.

  5. I think this would be a very effective because it makes it so that you can accurately get the temperature and it doesn’t dirty any dishes so it think it is a very useful tool

  6. I really like this machine because it’s cheap, portable, and gives chefs a simple solution to temperature management issues. These would come in handy when making dishes that need to be brought to a very specific degree, like custards or sauces. This machine can also be used outside of the kitchen. If i owned one of these I could use it to monitor the temperatures in my snake cage to make sure my little reptile is resting comfortably.

  7. These things are really cool, my grandma actually uses one for cooking. They intrigue me, I don’t understand how they work. They make a lot of sense for cooking though because you don’t have to touch the food with a thermometer and disturb it.

  8. I think this is a really good idea. Because its important to know how hot or cold your food is. I would totally buy this because i don’t trust the other thermometers that i have at my house. plus it would just be fun to use. 🙂

  9. This is a good invention to check what temperature your water is at, without lifting the lid, for the heat to escape. Its also cool to see a specific temperature for a dish that must have specific heating. And it’d be also cool for checking what temperature your fridge is at if your gauge is broken

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