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  1. I have been to In and Out Burger. I like their food. I like the fries the best. I was surprised to see that the CEO was only 35 years old. She is worth a lot of money. The employees always seem to be happy. They get paid better than most fast food chains. I liked the article. I found it interesting.

  2. I love in n out burger. It’s probably the best burger I’ve ever eaten. So I understand those people who drove over three hours just for a burger. And it’s healthier then McDonalds burger so that’s also a plus.

  3. I like in n out burger. I think they should stay a small company. So there food stays the same. I like their fries the best.
    Parker smith

  4. I love in-n-out, it is by far my favorite fast food place to go. I think because they have stayed a small business their food has maintained its freshness and high quality. Whenever I go, I get a neopoloten shake and animal style fries without a doubt. I think the simplistic menu and the cleanliness and classyness of the chain makes people love it so much.

  5. Chris Conant Period 1
    Wow that’s really cool about In and Out I didn’t even know about how long they’ve been in business.

  6. In and out is by far my favorite my favorite fast food place to eat. Thats crazy the ceo is only 35 years old and is a lady. I think everyone loves it because it has a very simple menue. They have high quality food and the workers are always happy and smiling. My favorite is the crazy fries and milkshake they have. Plus their workers get paid more than minumn wage.

  7. I think its great that these people tried our school lunches, but I don’t think its enough. We need Michelle Obama to eat our school lunches everyday just like us and then see how she feels about what she did to our schools food.

  8. I didn’t know much about In n Out other than that their food is the best. This video was really interesting and it was cool learning about how long they’ve been in business,etc. I really like how they have a really simple menu so its not hard to choose what you want and the place itself gives off a good and happy vibe.

  9. IN-N-Out burgers are immaculate compared to mcdonalds crappy burger. The reason that IN-N Out has flourished is because it sticks to natural and to non frozen food. This store is always stacked with customers because it tries to give the best burger to its customers and it doesn’t just focus on making Money. Also their employees are paid well ,so their going to work hard and make the best food they can ,creating a happy atmosphere for everyone and atractting more customers to their store.

    David Gonzalez- Per6

  10. I love IN-N-Out Burgers. Even Gordon Ramsay loves them! I attribute their success to their determination to stick to natural ingredients that are not frozen and their fervent dedication to the customers. The latter is a important element for a business to succeed. Too many businesses focus on producing more money while losing sight of their customer’s needs.

  11. Im a big fan of In-N-Out and ive know for a while that they only operated on the west coast but its kinda cool to know that they dont plan on selling out or growing faster. I find it really cool that they pay there employies really well. I never knew that Mc Donalds was there bigest rival when they started becuse of mcdonalds fast groth and in n outs slow groth has made in n out far better plus there simple menu of a burger duble burger fries shakes sodas and theyre secrete menu that isnt so secret.

  12. i love in and out it is one of my favorite places to get burger. Actually i just had it yesterday. i love that it is always fresh and that it actually is cow and not the stuff that McDonalds makes that is just a gross paste.

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