Someone Thinks Pizza Ice Cream is a Good Idea




29 thoughts on “Someone Thinks Pizza Ice Cream is a Good Idea

  1. This article is actually very interesting. I would never think to put pizza in an ice cream flavor. I like pizza but I don’t think it should be in ice cream form.🍕🍦🍕🍦🍕🍦🍕🍦

    1. I enjoy pizza and ice cream a lot, but I don’t think they would be good together. I would definitely try at least once to say I did. Too bad I don’t live in LA.

  2. I like pizza, and i like ice cream, but the sounds of them together is just gross. I would definitely try it cause what if its good but there are some things are suppose to be seperate

  3. I would definitely try this ice cream if it was available to me, doesnt mean i would like it lol. I love pizza but its meant to be savory and have crust, not be cold and be a dessert. They kinda went to far with this one.

  4. Pizza flavored ice cream sounds disgusting. First, pizza is hot and ice cream is cold. Second, pizza has tomato and cheese on it, which both sound disgusting put together with ice cream. It’s a decent idea, but I doubt anybody would like it.

  5. I love pizza and would try this but i think alot of people would be turned off by this and would not try it because it sounds nasty. I dont think this flavor will get famous.

  6. I love pizza and and ice cream so it will be interesting to see how the two foods will go together. I will definetly be trying it.

  7. I enjoy pizza and ice cream very much but I don’t believe mixing them would be a pleasurable combination. Pizza is best served hot. And obviously ice cream has to be served cold. I might be intriegued enough to try it but I highly doubt it would taste very well.

  8. i think pizza ice cream is a good idea. i would be willing to try it. i would love to try cheese pizza ice cream. i like the cheese pizza idea.

  9. i love pizza. But i would never eat it in a ice cream form. i think that it would taste nasty but you never know it could turn out to be really good, but i dont think i would ever eat it.
    Gabriel Mendoza P5

  10. i love pizza and i like ice cream but just the two gross me out! i dont think they should ne together that would have a preety nasty taste because ice cream should taste sweet.and just to put pizza in it sound nasty.
    Debby Gutierrez period 5

  11. I love pizza and ice cream, but pizza ice cream mixed doesnt sound very good. I bet many people have thought of this idea. It sounds gross haha I guess I would try it though to see for myself

  12. I feel like this would not be a good creation because pizza is made to be hot and not into a solid that turns into a liquid.I feel this beats the purpose of pizza because its not a desert it mostly for dinner and lunch.

  13. I love pizza but mixing it with ice cream sounds disgusting. Mixing something sweet with something that is tomatoey and cheesy isn’t a good idea. Also in the article it mentions that sun dried tomato is added to the ice cream which is not a good combination. Vegetables in ice cream is horrible.

  14. I think pizza ice cream sounds disgusting to a lot of people but I would want to try it. i think it would be intresting to try.

  15. I think it’s kinda strange to have pizza ice cream. But I would try it. I would like cheese pizza ice cream.

  16. I think it’s sorta weird to have pizza flavored ice cream, but, I would try it. I would like it to be pepperoni flavored. I think it might taste pretty good. I hope it comes to the Sacramento area so I can try it.

  17. I love pizza and ice cream so i think that pizza ice cream would be good. The only thing bad about it is i feel like youll only be able to have cheese flavor. I think that if you add some other things like pepperoni or sausage it will get weird.

  18. I like pizza and i like ice cream but i think that pizza and ice cream combined would be weird. It says in the article that the makers of the pizza ice cream taste test they make, so they said that the pizza ice cream tasted great and that you can really taste the ingredients you would taste in a slice of pizza. I don’t think that it would taste very good.

  19. Pizza flavored ice cream is a bad idea. Just like how they made bacon flavored everything. Pizza is good but i couldn’t even imagine someone making icecream the accurate flavor as pizza. I feel like this is a bad idea.

  20. I like pizza and I like ice cream, but together they dont sound very good. I dont know if I’d be willing to try pizza flavored ice cream, because it doesnt sound very good at all, and I dont think people will buy it either.

  21. Personally I don’t think pizza should be made into a flavor for ice cream. Pizza is pizza. Ice cream is Ice cream. But at the same time I would love to try it. It doesn’t sound THAT bad.

  22. I feel like pizza ice cream wouldn’t be good. I feel like it wouldn’t be satisfactory because pizza is served hot and ice cream is cold, also the consistency of ice cream mixed with the flavor of pizza sounds horrid.

  23. I think this would be good if it wasn’t something that was meant to be served hot and chewy. That’s just the wrong texture.

  24. Honestly People are starting to get bored and starting to have nothing to do. I man who invents pizza icream. tf . Nobody does that . Pistachio ice cream was already enough. then someone went along and invented pizza ice cream. JUst stop. Its not called Creadtivity, its called Boredom.

  25. This sounds pretty gross honestly. I’ve always been iffy about savory ice cream flavors and I just think pizza and ice cream wouldn’t go along well. I like my ice cream sweet thanks.

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