Soylent: Liquid Food Supplement

Some guy has been living off of this for 30 days (others claim to be more hardcore).  Could you do this? Why?  Would you? Why?  Where does the term “soylent” come from?


4 thoughts on “Soylent: Liquid Food Supplement

  1. I saw a article on this a while ago, and a couple people tried it out for a week. In the end the people didn’t like it, and I don’t think I’d like it too much either. Eating is a fun activity. It’s something I do for a passtime. I couldn’t give up eating.

  2. If we were running short on food than yes this is good idea and its a healthy supplement. But eating real food as well would be more healthy and plenty of water. U dont want your body to have too much liquid.

  3. Admittedly, when I first saw this article, the first thing I envisioned was indeed Soylent Green, the implications of forced cannibalism nearly scaring me into reading the article. Of course, Soylent is certainly not made of human (and thankfully so), but rather mostly tasteless nutrients. As the author’s girlfriend expressed throughout his journey, food is an integral part of our culture, and while Soylent and similar nutritional supplements may someday replace the majority of our diets, I definitely do not expect it so someday run next to our tap. Other than the nutrients mentioned, however, I wonder what exactly goes into the early packages. Besides rats and mold, of course.

  4. I recently saw this video, I think soylet will be the future of food, no more having to prepare food. I would drink it but i would eat snacks sometimes and certain types of food, because I enjoy them. There is the problem that was shown in the video that since soylet is quick to make and consume you won’t have social interaction during meals, such as going to eat with friends or eating at the table with the family. But if soylet becomes global then itd be an easy way to supply starvation in homeless shelters and africa

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