Restaurant Report Card Grades on Antibiotics in Meat Supply


How did your favorite places fare?  Are you concerned about antibiotics in your food?



4 thoughts on “Restaurant Report Card Grades on Antibiotics in Meat Supply

  1. it was not a bad idea to bad battra in food and they will get sick and wont come back and fast food will lose business

  2. I thought that this article was extremely informative, but not entirely reliable. The questions asked to the management were very open ended and could have been more specific and more in depth. For the most part, restaurants like chick-file, Chipotle, and Panera didn’t really surprise me on their good grades, but some of the others like Olive garden with no points at all did. I will have to keep in mind certain places to eat when I go for fast food to prevent eating meat with antibiotics.

  3. Its interesting how McDonald’s got a C rating. I think we generally assume that McDonald’s meat is the worst of the worst, and that their poultry is dangerous mystery meat. Is it fair for us to make these assumptions about McDonald’s? And what does it say about the products of lower rated restaurants?

  4. It’s very interesting how most fast food places are C of F graded in the antibiotic requirements. My family and I would go to Starbucks or Little Caesars and buy food and/or drinks from there and not knowing about this. I shocked me on this new information. I have a feeling that we aren’t going to a fast food joint any time soon.

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