Waffle Iron Frenzy


10 thoughts on “Waffle Iron Frenzy

  1. My Favorite waffle was the waffle cake! :p definitely gonna try this at home. cant believe they cooked all of that in the waffle maker!
    Debby Gutierrez

  2. I find this both disgusting and amazing at the same time. I am definitely going to try making a waffle cake. That looked so so good. The brownie also looked very yummy. The food you would have for dinner or something, just looked gross! xD

  3. I really like the idea of this waffle thing, this is a plus actually, because theres less cleanup and faster baking/ frying, im definaenae gonna try this at home……. SWERVEEE i dont even have a waffle maker. 😀

  4. This is another one of those cool things that you can do with food this could change the way people look at making things. My favorite was the waffled sandwich, it was cool the way it looked so much like a waffle.

  5. i want to try this with a bunch of different foods especially cake i do not know how much one of these waffle makers will cost but i defiantly want to try this i might even do it with a grilled cheese.

  6. Well move over Microwave and Crock-pot, there is a new way for collage students to quickly cook all of there cheap food. But really it does make some things easier to eat. Having it all in one hand could be helpful for if you need to eat on the go. It provides an alternative to traditional cooking methods while changing the shape of it. While it may not be the most practical or clean way to cook, it would definitely be interesting to see how the waffle shape could be applies to different foods.
    Robbie Husted

  7. it was a crazy idea. the brownies was just right. the tomatos was raw and looked gross. it was a success overall.

  8. I really enjoyed this video. The potstickers look really yummy fried in a waffle maker. I really wanna make brownies in it now. 😀 The cheese quesadilla one was insane. There was way to much cheese. It was funny how it leaked out of the waffle maker. I would have loved to be there to watch them make all the stuff. I really wanted to try some of the things they made. This video made me really hungry. This is a cool creative video.
    Courtney Koregelos period 5

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