Familiar Logo Remade to Show the Organs It Affects


Your thoughts?  Is soda really that bad?



13 thoughts on “Familiar Logo Remade to Show the Organs It Affects

  1. Yes coka cola is really that bad for you. It has 36grams of sugar and 180 calaries. If u get addicted to coka cola it can give u high blood pressure. It can make u obese. It can also raught your teeth.

  2. I wish there was some explination on how it affected your organs. This is a realy cool looking logo remake. As cool as this logo is I still wish there was some exlpination like how dose it affects my eyes, I drink coca cola often yet I still have really good eye site now this might not be the same for every one. This like most anti-soda things wont stop me from drinking it.

  3. i think soda is alright in moderate amounts but can be very damaging if consumed in large amounts. This article is a good eye opener.

  4. Soda isn’t bad for you unless your drinking a lot of it constantly. Having one soda a day will be okay, just always brush your teeth afterwards. Lots of soda can be very damaging to your health.

  5. Yes Coke, just like all soft and energy drinks are damaging to the human body. To answer Roberts question, cells are damaged as the beverage is consumed, but your body can replace these cells almost as soon as they are damaged, so there appears to be no effect. However, in the long run all the damage will catch up to you in the end. I thought the logo was really cool and extremely creative, however I will continue to drink the occasional soda that I normally drink.

  6. Yes coke or any soda is that bad. i dont even drink soda and i havent for awhile. it makes my stomach hurt and my teeth feel gross. Katrina Mulvaney p.6

  7. I learned in health class that due to soda’s acidic properties, it can cause you to feel hunger even if your body is already technically full. This can the lead you to eat more than is healthy for your body and therefore impair body function.

  8. I think that soda is bad for you since it has a lot of sugar and can lead to bone loss if you drink a lot of it since it contains phosphoric acid and caffeine which can interfere with calcium absorption. But if you drink it in moderation you should be good ,any food or drink that is abused can be a bad thing.

    David Gonzalez Per. 6

  9. Although I drink soda sometimes, I think it is bad for you. It damages your organs and your bones. It may taste good but its not good for you.

  10. The logo honestly creeped me out, but it’s true. It’s hard to stop drinking soda though, it taste pretty yummy.

  11. I think it is a really cool idea to show you what it effect. I’m not gonna lie I like to drink soda but you need to know how to moderate it. If you moderate how much soda you drink then it isn’t a damaging.

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