Amazon Launches ONE-HOUR Restaurant Delivery in Seattle


Now is this convenience or laziness?  Would you order dinner off Amazon?



7 thoughts on “Amazon Launches ONE-HOUR Restaurant Delivery in Seattle

  1. I did not know that amazon delivers door. I have used Amazon for years buying all sorts of items but never would I thought I could order food. I don’t think that if I were to live in Seattle I would use this because I would not know where my food has been I would much rather just pick it up myself.

    Chandler Bonner

  2. I’ve used amazon for a lot of things. I think its pretty convenient that you can buy things off amazon and that you can also rent movies and watch them. Although, I think it’s pretty lazy to order your food off amazon. I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable eating food brought to me by that website. I do think that it’s a good idea though because there are a lot of lazy people that would use that.

  3. I think that it could be a good thing for people that have sports and don’t get home until late or if you work long hours and you want dinner there when you get there. You could plan the delivery to get at your house the same time as you get there.

  4. I think it would be convenient to do this if you want food from a restaurant that is too faraway from your house but in the city, but also people could abuse this advancement and become lazy , if its close i would say just get up and get the food yourself. Personally I would not order food from amazon because i hate waiting for food to come id rather just go get it.

    David Gonzalez Per.6

    1. I personally would find it weird to order from amazon since I always go there for products, not food. Also the negative effect of this is that it can lead to an increase in laziness in the U.S. which can contribute to a higher percentage in obesity.

  5. I thinks it cool that Amazon can deliver food, but at the same time they wont have every resturants on the menu, and you dont know how fresh the food is. The food could have been made an hour ago, twenty minutes ago, or five hours ago.

  6. It’s probably going to make us even more lazy, but it could be cheaper and faster than going there yourself. You could save gas and be able to do something more important in that time.

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