Told You So: Future Kitchen Tables Will Teach Us How to Cook




2 thoughts on “Told You So: Future Kitchen Tables Will Teach Us How to Cook

  1. (First!)THIS THING IS AMAZING!!!!!! It was very smart to find a way to make your whole life revolve around the kitchen. The only problem is it is not practical. Yes, you can search for recipes from your counter top, but why would you go into the kitchen without knowing what you are going to make. Basically, you have just turned your stove into a giant tablet that has no app store, is not portable in any way, and you can only use it while you are standing up cooking. On top of that, of you wan’t to get your moneys worth out of it, you would need to arrange your whole house layout based on where you place this iCuttingboard. So in short, if you want this, you would be better off getting the new iPad pro. At least you cant burn your house down with it when you are showing it off to your friends (unless you are demoing my mixtape).
    Robbie Husted

  2. I think this article really shows how far society has come in the advancement of technology. I disagree with the comment above when they say that it isnt practical; I can think of countless times where Ive walked into the kitchen not knowing what I want and just staring into the fridge. I like the convenience of being able to search the web on my counter top.

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