Ice Cream That Doesn’t Melt?




14 thoughts on “Ice Cream That Doesn’t Melt?

  1. I think that non melting ice cream would be an amazing and smart idea to do because most people have ice cream that just melts in your hand if you dont eat it fast enough but this new idea will allow you to savor and enjoy your ice cream without it melting all over you

  2. I think it’s cool how they can make unmet able ice cream. The things is that ice cream has always been able to melt so I feel like ice cream melting is like a symbol of some sort. They can still make unmet able ice cream but I think we should stick to the original melt able ice cream from all the cartoons l.

  3. This is a really cool thing to try. I wonder if the ingredient changes the taste in any way. I would love to try non-melting ice cream because I love ice cream and I would like to have it where it doesn’t melt. This is a great creation for the hot weather in the summer and the delicious, creamy dessert.
    Jayde Nickell Period 3

  4. BsIA seems like an interesting new protein and I’d love to learn more! The fact that we can draw so many cool things from bacteria (friendly or not) in order to improve our lives in so many fields really amazes me. However, with this protein, I wonder if the taste would change much and require more flavorful ingredients, as it bonds the fat and water differently. I’d love to try it, especially if there’s no time limit to eating it! (Though I’m still certain I’d end up with a brain freeze, anyhow.)

  5. I wish that they put this protein in all the ice cream so it doesn’t melt. I also wonder if they can make it to where stuff like chocolate doesn’t melt.-gekari coleman

  6. Though you wouldnt have the luxury of ice cream melting over a hot brownie, I think the advantages of this protein outweigh the small negatives. I think its interesting how the protein also may provide the ability to lower amounts of fat in ice cream.

  7. This is a very interesting concept. To be honest I think that this will make people eat more ice cream if it didn’t melt. I know that if I got out a carten of ice cream, and after a while of eating it it would start to melt a lot. I would put it back in the freezer and be done. But if it never melted, who knows how much more I would eat…. because I love ice cream.

  8. This is an awesome invention! I would totally but this, but does it taste any different than the original melt able ice cream? Besides that, i think its cool that you don’t have to eat your ice cream in a hurry. You can actually slowly enjoy your ice cream without worrying that your going to get sticky cause its going to drip all over you. 🙂

  9. i feel it is a good creation cause now alot of people/kids dont have to rush to eat there ice cream they can finally enjoy it.No more worries of it getting every where or dripping in your parents car. Its an very good creation.

  10. I think this would be a smart and cool idea. It would be cool to have ice cream longer and not melt all over your hands and clothes. I would LOVE to see that work and be in stores.

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