Make Your Own Fizzy Fruit


20 thoughts on “Make Your Own Fizzy Fruit

  1. Woah thats the coolest thing ever! Where do u get dry ice, I wanna try it!!! I love fizz and fruit. I bet they taste great together. Cool Video.
    Courtney Koregelos period 5

  2. This is really cool, I would have never thought of this. I didn’t know that dry ice had any effect besides freezing fruit, or cooling things. I will have to try this sometime.

  3. This is very interesting i think because I like carbonated drinks and I love fruit and putting those together would be my ultimate favorite thing of all time.

  4. these fruits look very good i want to try them at home also i want to know how the ice makes them carbonated. I am planning on making these over the weekend i will see how they turn out.

  5. This is interesting i think because it looks tasty and i didnt know dry ice would have any effect to fruit. It looks like a tasty snack because i love carbinated drinks and fruit. It looks like a cool experiment to try on different fruits and see what happens.

  6. This is a very interesting and cool thing to do with your fruit. I would love to try a fizzy fruit because I love fruity, carbonated drinks. I think that this would be a good snack to have when you want to try something new with your fruit.
    Jayde Nickell Period 3

  7. It looks like a fun experiment to do. Looks like it make the fruit a lot more tastier. It’s really cool how the dry ice makes the fruit carbonated. i might try it sometime

  8. These look so cool! I am having friends over this weekend and we are definitely going to try to make these! I really want to know how the dry ice carbonates the fruit!
    Michelle Brunone Period 3

  9. This is so cool, I am going to have my mom do this. I really want to try it. I wonder how someone thought of this. Who thought of putting dry ice in a wrapped cooler with fruit?

  10. This is really cool. It’s crazy what you can do with food and science. Who ever thought of putting dry ice and fruit together to get like soda fruit

  11. I may have already completed my article activities for the day but I still need to comment on this since so many people are curious! Let’s see who all reads it. I’m definitely going to recreate this over the three-day weekend. The dry ice (as it’s made of supercooled CO2) slowly releases carbon dioxide–which usually looks like fog–and by trapping it within the cooler and cling wrap, the CO2 has nowhere to escape. Fruit that is TOO moist, or if left in the cooler for too long, will freeze into hard pieces that will break upon impact. However, the towel keeps the dry ice from directly freezing the flesh of the fruit, and the flesh absorbs the carbon dioxide to carbonate it. Similarly, sodas are carbonated through the use of high-pressure CO2 gas. As the gas heats, it will expand and molecular movement will speed up, and keeping it trapped inside a cooler or bottle will cause the collisions of molecules (especially when a change in pressure, ie opening the lids!). This in turn creates carbonation.

    1. Great responses! Yes, the need for equilibrium will force carbonate the fruit since the air surrounding it becomes saturated in CO2. I am curious as to how they determined 12-14 hours was the optimal fizziness..Rock on!

  12. I wonder if this would work on other foods such as vegetables, for people who dislike vegetables, they can get a more interesting flavor. It might not work I think you need a food that has a high percentage of water to carbonate them.

  13. This is really cool and i definitely want to try it soon. I like that its relatively simple and you get get most of your ingredients at the grocery store. I wonder if you could use this same technique with other foods.

  14. This could change things because you could probably do this with other foods like candies and other products. It could add a lot more flavor to the products too.

  15. This looks like a healthy alternative snack. It looks really fun and I might do it soon. Plus watching people’s reactions after eating them might be fun.

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