Seal or No Seal?


Would you eat seal?  Why or why not?



8 thoughts on “Seal or No Seal?

  1. I would eat seal to see what it tastes like but i wouldn’t want to eat it often out of respect for seal life- David Gonzalez

  2. Yes, i’d eat it. It sounds interesting and like it may taste good. Eating a seal isn’t something i’d think of eating so I would be indecisive , but I would still eat it.

  3. No I wouldn’t eat seal meat because it’s not a type of meant I’d be use to and to me when I think of seals I think of fat and I’d think seal meat would have a lot of fat In it .

  4. I think the idea of eating seal is a different consempt to think about, but I think I would try it at least once, you do know if you’ll like it or not until taste it.

  5. If they can be eaten and if the population of seals isn’t to low, then I think we should eat them because I can imagine them being a delicacy somewhere in the world but for me it would be a one time thing.

  6. I would totally try it. Theres definitely an abundance of seals, and theyre taking away a staple food for this area, so its very reasonable to eat it.

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