Restaurants with a Multisensory Experience




5 thoughts on “Restaurants with a Multisensory Experience

  1. I feel like a mulltisensory would be enjoyable but i dont know if id go so far as to trust those serving i feel like it would take away from some of the senses distracted by those serving you.

  2. A green apple-flavored balloon? Now that’s something I never would have expected to exist. The multi-sensory experience that these restaurants offer seem particularly intriguing (especially the Ultraviolet in Shanghai–that photo looks so serene!). However, as an individual who finds it a little too easy to get overstimulated due to Aspergers, I’d have to unfortunately say that these places would not be for me. I can’t imagine eating while having scents, sound, and different lighting thrown at me all at once, as cool as it may sound in the article!

  3. Although innovative, I think that the idea of these multi-sensory restaurants is overkill. I’m sure the experience is incredible, but i would not be able to justify spending that much on a meal. When I go to restaurant my main concern is the food, not the fake scents stimulated by perfumes or large virtual reality screens.

  4. This is such a great idea. I have seen this idea before in futuristic type movies, and now there are multiple resturants that have this. Even though it is very expencive, I beleive that it would be an amazing, one in a life time experience.

  5. I would love to go to one of these places. It will be great for a birthday party or a wedding dinner. I’ll go with my mom and my sister because my other siblings will be to active and not sit down if they have to. I’ll put this in my bucket list.

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