Know Your Knives



14 thoughts on “Know Your Knives

  1. This is pretty interesting, I guess I’ve kind of been dicing stuff wrong forever, because it always came out different sized cubes (completely on accident). Guess I’ll have to try this way.

  2. This article was very informing. I did not know that there was so many different blades for cutting different foods. Also the different term julienne i never knew was a word.
    Chandler Bonner

  3. i never know you had to use a specific knife for a different ways of cutting all types of food, i always used a normal knife for everything, now i know how to make my cooking experience a whole lot better.

    -Briayan Torres

  4. This informed me what specific knives to use for what kinds of purposes. I used to use a chef’s knife for everything and I wasn’t aware that a carving knife was called just that, a carving knife. I thought it was to cut along steaks or lean meats with heavy marbling. This was informative, and it helps me to know what specific knives to use now.
    -Jennifer Katen

  5. I honestly had no idea that there were so many different knifes to cut different things with. This helped a lot so when I go home I know what knifes to use. However, I don’t have some of these knifes so I will have to add that to my shopping list. I really liked this , it is very informative and helpful.
    -Justice Mckelvey
    -period 3

  6. Very interesting how many different blade types there are and how they all have special uses, i always assumed the indentations on the blade were just a cosmetic thing, i never even thought about it, but i guess it’s a non-stick thing. Nor did i know that a wet blade keeps things from sticking.

  7. I did not realize that there were that many types of knives. And they are all used for different things. That’s pretty cool. But also a little annoying how you have to use a different knife for most thing.
    Nolan Reindel
    Period 3

  8. This is actually really interesting. I did not know there were so many things you had to know about knives. I’m definitely gonna use this in the near future.

  9. I didn’t realize how many different knives there were and all of them have a specific purpose. It’s very interesting to see that there’s much more to cutting then just getting a knife and slicing away.

  10. I found this very interesting because I honestly had no idea that there was that many different kinds of knifes. Also I thought it was cool to see how many different ways you can cut stuff up.

  11. This is really interesting. I didn’t know that there are that many different types of knives. I think it’s cool that you can cut so many different ways.

  12. I never really knew why some knives had holes going down the blade but now i do, there are so many different types of knives that i never knew about. That’s pretty interesting.

  13. Interesting and informative picture on knives. Every time I cut my onions, they are always falling apart and I find it hard to cut neatly. Its so frustrating and annoying! I will definitely try the tip suggested at the end about onions to improve my cutting skills.

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