98 Perfect Food Cubes



5 thoughts on “98 Perfect Food Cubes

  1. Its interesting how people can make these cubes perfectly even on all sides. The food probably tastes pretty good as well. I can’t imagine that it takes very long to makes this because you just have to cut the food and eat it.

  2. This is pretty amazing.I love seeing things like this and the way that people get involved with their food. How they enjoy cooking and have fun and make something big and extraordinary out of tiny and simple things. I always wonder what a person needs to be like or have to do in order to make things like this, because I honestly feel like it takes much more than enthusiasm and intelligence. I feel like what it takes is imagination, passion, and lots of love for what you’re doing. I think that the more people come up with things like this, the more it inspires people to try to do something this great. I enjoy things like this, always amazes me when I see food turned into something as cool as this.

  3. this looks really good but i feel like all this would take a really long time to do, but i feel that it would be nice to eat different types of food at one time and try out different kinds of food
    Gabriel Mendoza P5

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