SNL: Taco Town


12 thoughts on “SNL: Taco Town

  1. That’s a lotta tacos 0_o. I can’t believe that they had so many layers to those tacos. I do commend their creativity with all of the layers. Though including pizza and a giant blueberry pancake does detract away from the taco. The fact that the people who made this were crazy enough to add so many layers is interesting.

  2. the video started out fine until it began to add layers that was just weird until it got to the point where it wasn’t even a taco anymore and just got discusting i mean who would honestly eat that

  3. This is hilarious to me. Other than the fact that Andy Samberg is my absolute favorite, this. It shows a perspective on the crazy demand now a days. People just want more and more. But also, it was an obvious joke and it even showed how they weren’t expecting all that taco change. Haha Quite a funny concept.

    On a side note, I really want tacos now….

  4. At first the whole layer taco concept sounded good. But then they as they started to add more and more layers it turned out to be more and more nasty instead of yummy. I thought it was pretty funny though SNL is always hillarious.

  5. Course it’s exaggerated, but is close to the reality that is seen in fast food places or with places with food high in calories here in America; where we like to add things normally others wouldn’t and make it super-sized. Funny but sad and kind of gross once it went too far. SNL almost always delivers, and they did so yet again.

  6. I have always loved SNL and this skit is very funny, also its very true! The fast food industry is trying to out do each other and they make there meals bigger and prices lower, this is not good for the health of the american people!

  7. Alright let’s be real, all jokes set aside this is probably the greatest culinary idea out there. I mean as Americans it’s pretty much our job to adulterate otherwise healthy classic dishes with as much goodies as we can shove in there. Though this may seem as a joke to some I sincerely hope that someone out there will see this as an inspiration to make my artery-clogging dreams come true.

  8. This sounds like the best place ever. I would go here. If an actual restaurant has a taco like this I would try it. If it was a challenge I would do it. If it was real I would. This is an actual good idea that needs to be in restaurant.

  9. This is a perfect example of “MURIFICATION” (Murification: The process of taking something simple, usually something from another country, and giving it the capability to kill, then have it become a joke on the internet and national tv. And people wonder why other countries think the average american is 200 lbs). Because who wouldn’t want to eat a taco stuffed inside a taco, stuffed inside another taco, stuffed inside of a pizza,stuffed inside a pancake, in a bag filled with 15 sauces. They might as well call it diabetes and start a complaint desk specifically for angry vegans. So thank you SNL for finding a way to make Taco Bell even less actual Mexican food than when they announced the Doritos Loco Taco.
    Robert Husted

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