How Schools Can Make Better Lunches


Do you eat at school?  If so, do you expect better food?  What are your impressions of the article?



5 thoughts on “How Schools Can Make Better Lunches

  1. I normally try and bring my lunch to school but if I have to I’ll eat School lunch. When I do eat school lunch it’s not the best it kind of seems fake and looking at other people’s school lunches it looks like ours could be better. If I were to choose what to eat for lunch I would probably choose apples maybe a peanut butter and jelly sandwich not those fake chicken strips and oranges in a can.

    1. I absolutely hate the school lunches. I haven’t noticed a difference in the weight kids are carrying since schools food started being controlled. Honestly, seems like people have became more unhealthy and fat, from my observations. Also, I just think its weird that since the foods have been changed up, they seem more plastic and nasty. I have found metal multiple times in my school food. Its just disgusting. I dislike it so much because sometimes, school meals are the only meals I can eat during the day and when they are that plastic, fake, tasteless, and low quality, I don’t want/cant eat them. I think its pretty bad when a kid doesn’t eat a lot and relies on school food but knows that no matter how hungry they are, they know better than to touch that government school food to their mouth. It’s a pretty jumbled up mess of ¨health¨ (a.k.a. poison) and empty tummies if you ask me.

  2. They should probably start by not making everything from boxes and bags because 99% of the stuff they make is gross and most likely wont taste good. If they maybe start actually start making food kids might be in better moods also

  3. Interesting introduction from Adam Sandler, wasn’t expecting that. I would say I could agree with him, but as I don’t eat lunches from school, can’t. The article seemed a bit jumbled, albeit from what I gathered there is a problem with school lunches and the overall health of kids in elementary school and up. Course there is, the food looks terrible, tastes even worse, horrible for you, and mighty pricey for not a whole lot, or if there is, it just gets thrown away. You can’t force kids to take food, even healthy food, if it is not appealing looking, or tasting all that great. Things need to change. Getting a personal chef for the school sounds fantastic, but where the heck are we going to get the money to pay for someone like that, and the food served? We need to turn the tables and stop putting so much money in our military’s defense (which would be a good thing by itself), else prices for lunches and who knows what else for schools will increase. If the parents aren’t even able to feed their kid at home, how are they to give them more money for lunches at school? I mean, good for MEALS and Project Bread and the researchers and the First Lady. Nice to see the results from their tests turned out, but it took them long enough to realize things like numerical food info and coming up with ideas on how to present better and be creative. Ridiculous that the schools didn’t agree to keep only white milk however. Hope the scientists and doctors keep at it, America needs it.

  4. Lunch at school are terrible. I don’t eat lunch here i try to eat after school and just bring a snack during the day. The lunch could get better here and then I would think about eating here. The prices don’t match up with the quality of the food.

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