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  1. I have always loved pie. I have made pie before and it was delicious. Oddly enough this is two of my favorite things mason jars and pie! I would love to do this recipe. It would be adorable for little picnics with family members or my friends. I’m glad you posted this thank you so much. These ladies seem like amazing cooks also. There are always new ways to make things and mason jar pies are amazing. I made a cake in one once but it didn’t turn out the best like normal cake though.

  2. I’ve tried this before but it was a cookie not apple pie. It didnt turn out as good as this one but maybe i messed up an ingredient. The idea of being able to cook something sweet in less than 5 minutes is great for people who have a sweet tooth. Especially late at night or right after school.

  3. I’ve been wanting to see how to do this but always kept forgetting to look it up I bought the jars and everything. Now I know! Definitely what I’m doing for Mother’s Day.

  4. This is pritty cool and super cute. This is the perfecf thing to do for a party, get together or a holyday like thanksgiving every one could get there own little pies yummy.

  5. This is a cute idea for any party, get together, holiday, etc. You could probably do this with other foods as well besides pie. This could also probably help with portion intake. I’m sure kids would love this as well. They also are easier to make than making a pie in an actual pie tin.

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