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  1. I have enjoyed this interesting article yesterday and I do not know if we would do this masterpiece. Overtime, we still like and we buy watermelon at the Walmart or Target throughout the mature nation.

  2. This is a very creative thing to do with your food. I would not eat this because I would want to keep it on display. This is a nice watermelon. I have enjoyed this video because it was very fun to watch. It could make you some money as well.

  3. It’s amazing how people can be so creative with such simple foods such as watermelons. I wonder what other fruits you can do things like this.

  4. this video was amazing. IDK who did this but it was pretty cool. I wish i was this creative. but anyway ya its really coolo. like where can you learn to do stuff like that. with a little knife he must have wnt to school for that. He made alot of money for something like that to JORDAN CLIN TON PERIOD 5 4/22/15

  5. That is a cool carving. I bet it will take a lot of skill just to make that carving… out of a watermelon! It would be cool for parties too. It will be awesome if there is a watermelon carving competition, this will be the winner of course.

  6. When art meets food, this is the very interesting and creative result. This guy is very skilled and he is probably just as good a chef as he is an artist. I think that if there were more people like him in this world, the world would be a much more interesting place to live in, instead up the drab, boring white walls that seem to curse most office buildings. Life is short, so try to make it as amazing as possible just like this guy has, by making a dragon head out of a watermelon.

  7. This video was very interesting to watch. Not many people have a talent like this man, but its really cool how he could be very creative with just a simple watermelon. I don’t think i would ever be able to be as good as he is but it would be a good experience to try.

  8. That is very impressive and the design is pretty cool looking. Watermelon can not be an easy fruit to work with and the fact that he made it look so good really attests to the skill of the maker.

  9. This is an amazing piece of art. I never knew I could use ceramic tools on fruit. It is such a creative way to show off fruit and it would be an amazing piece for a picnic or family reunion. Not many people have great talent like this dude. That is amazing how he is creative with fruit 🙂 Plus watermelon is FANTASTIC

  10. This is really cool cause I can barely draw a stick figures and they have managed to make really cool pictures and figures out of watermelons. I would like to try this when I get home because I wonder if I could even make anything lol

  11. This is one of the coolest carvings I’ve seen in a while and is so well done from the jaw to the piercing eyes steadily watching your every move. Also makes me hungry and wanting to see Jurassic Park 4.

  12. i think this is pritty cool that someone could do that with watermelon and it so much cooler while it ages but the sad thing is is that all that watermelon is being wasted and not eating.

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