Meet The Juice Company That Primarily Uses Fruits And Veggies Others Throw Away




7 thoughts on “Meet The Juice Company That Primarily Uses Fruits And Veggies Others Throw Away

  1. Its pretty cool hearing about the new ways people have been cutting down on the food we waste and here is a prime example. When we think on all the good food we as a country waste daily its really a disheartening number compared to all the people who starve in the world. Though this company may not be directly feeding the hungry at least they are cutting the waste total down.

  2. I think this is awesome. It’s honestly so sad seeing fruits and vegetables and other foods being thrown away just because they have one flaw.Foods should not be thrown away just because a fruit has a little bruise on it because that shouldn’t matter. What should matter is the flavor that it has when it is cooked or ready to eat. It’s really sad too see all those foods waiting to be thrown away,just for one little thing WE don’t like when we go to buy them. I love the fact that they make this juice with the fruits and vegetables that are being thrown away or are just waiting to be thrown away.

  3. Very nice! It’s always great to see people finding ways to not waste and to rather make the “for the garbage” for want instead. That’s scary to think 40% of our food for this country hits the dump sites, what with all the people starving (and dying) in this world. There needs to more companies like this Eden Juice. But maybe not at the price they’re selling for. $8 a bottle? That’s ridiculous, but this seems to happen with everything that is good for you or simply organic. Hopefully they’ll mark it down so it’s more available for the public they’re aiming for. The flavors are alright though for now. Kind of funny one of the flavors is called Fresh, feel like that should already be a given, or at least have another word alongside it. I’d be up for trying all them, but I would opt for Seed.

  4. After watching the video yesterday and seeing just how much food goes to waste because of visual imperfections, it’s nice to see that this company uses these discarded fruits and vegetables to make their products. If more companies were to change their policy and use these kinds of products to make sure that they don’t get taken to the dump. However, the article stated that they were trying to get their products to people that could not otherwise afford to meet set nutritional values, yet their drinks seem to be a little overpriced. Their policy of using what would otherwise go to waste is very good, but many people probably can’t afford these products.

  5. I like that people are actually trying to do something about the food we waste every year. Americans have gotten to greedy with wanting our perfect fruit and not wanting the one thats “funny looking” like Dan says. I think people will be surprised when they hear that this juice is made from “imperfect” fruit and like it

  6. This is actually a good start to recycling and using the food others would just throw away. You can take some food you may not use and put it into something that you will use it for. Also, the fact the foods being used are being put into a healthy choice. If more people would do this, they would be able to save money also, instead of wasting money on more food that you’re not even sure if you’ll use it all. I feel like more people should take into consideration that maybe the food you may not use may be good for something else like this company that uses the fruits and vegetables that ordinary people would just throw away and let it go to waste.

  7. i think its a great idea that theres a company out there doing this. Using fruit that would otherwise would otherwise be thrown away. the outside doesnt matter if were only using the juice.

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