Schools Becoming the ‘Last Frontier’ for Hungry Kids




5 thoughts on “Schools Becoming the ‘Last Frontier’ for Hungry Kids

  1. i am from isis and i think we dont even have 2 attack and america will all die hahahah for isis

    1. We are going on hungry strike it is really bad for every country or states going a hungry strike every years. The most hungry strike we have everywhere, but i am for the United State of America in C.A. We have hungry strike at school in the cafenita. The president wife order us to have wheat bread in the school cafentita. It is awful to have wheat everywhere. I don’t think she doesn’t have wheat at the white house at all but junk food.

  2. The importance that this article provides is to shed light on the importance of feeding children in schools. Non-hungry children means better students, more productive citizens, and a greater future for our country. The amount of money it costs is insubstantial to the benefits of feeding our growing population that needs nutritional diets to grow their minds and bodies. It has already taken too long to stop hunger in children, so it is about time a president stepped in to take action. In those places where Obama’s programs haven’t reached, some teachers have gone out of their way to provide for hungry students, and we owe them our gratitude.

  3. This is nonsense because people should feed there childen good food.And they should not juged their eating.People should care about the children. And they should feed them good food.I think they should do it because of the food.

  4. its sad how many kids either only eat at school or don’t at all. we at a nation and school system need to help turn that around. I personally know a few kids that don’t even eat lunch at school. Some school lunches cost to much. some are like $3 something. you can get a meal cheaper than that at McDonald’s which is probably what half of them do any way

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