12 Stuffed Pastas to Make



8 thoughts on “12 Stuffed Pastas to Make

  1. This article is very interesting because it shows the creativity in food, and how each food is different. These different pastas all have their own place, their own area for you to create something colorful, delicious, anything your mind can think of. They also have a different way of cooking, some might have to be boiled/cooked longer than another to get the right texture. That is why I think this article is interesting.

  2. This article just shows how you can add variety to just one food & it also shows how there is more than one way to make something. This would be fun to try out and try to make all the different pasta shapes. You can also put in different fillings according to how you/your guests like them. Some pastas even have different textures. I think this is a good article to show people how creative you can get with just one type of food.

  3. This is interesting because its showing different ways to make your favorite food. All different tastes, textures, colors, smells and of course taste. And thats really cool I think.

  4. I love pasta especially stuffed pasta because in plain pasta you can see all the ingredients and its really easy to make. i think stuffed pasta is more interesting and more creative.

  5. This showed me a lot about the variety of noodles. Or the various ways people can shape and use noodles. Now that I am aware of all these different ways of noodling, I shall create yummy dishes to feed my fat soul. Also, who knew there were so many different names for noodles. I had absolutely no idea. Hopefully this helps me to connect with my boyfriend/future husbands italian side of the family. Ill be hardcore towards that italian noodle game. (;

  6. Althought i am not really a stuffed pasta kind of man, i prefer a messy dish of pasta with sauce all over it. But this is quite intriguing, sort of like italian food hot pockets/burritos. Seems like something I would definitely like to try and hopefully enjoy.

  7. This article apeals to me because I am a big pasta fan and I constantly look for new pasta recipies to make and this was really helpfull.

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