Yes, Please: Donut Muffins




10 thoughts on “Yes, Please: Donut Muffins

  1. This recipe sounds easy to follow and donut muffins sound really good! Making donut muffins would be really good to make on a rainy day like today and I want to make these when I get home.

  2. This looks so yummy! I hope this becomes the next big trend, the best part is if it doesn’t hopefully it’s not to hard to make.

  3. This recipe seems really easy to follow. Donut muffins sound amazing. And perfect snacks for company. Definitely showing these to my mom to make

  4. It looks good and dosent seem hard to make at all. I like how it tells you how long it can sit in the fridge. These would be a great thing to make if you plan on doing a breakfast bar cuz there like the perfect breakfast food.

  5. Donut muffins definitely sound really good. I don’t know if I would ever take the time to make them on my own but I would try them if someone had them. Seems like a lot of foods are being mixed together for some really good food.

  6. I want doughnut muffins. they sound and look so good. but they also just sound like unfrosted cupcakes.

  7. Donut muffins?? If i was ever handed a tray full of donut muffins it would be absolute game over for all those muffins. To make it easier to say we could combine both words and call them duffins!!! I donut think it would catch on but only after donut muffins are a common thing. Whoever came up with this idea should be given an award for completely changing the game of “the day after” food forever!!

  8. I don’t think that this would taste right because donuts deep fried and muffins are baked so it would more than likely turn out tasting funny. This seems like a great idea but I would def try before buying them.

  9. I’m a breakfast enthusiast. Even though it’s the meal I skip most often (there’s not really time for a quick bite when I leave for school at 6:45 every morning), breakfast foods are my favorite thing to eat. It’s like desert, but instead of ending your day with it, you start your day with it. What could be better than that? I usually have epic breakfasts on the weekends, since I get to sleep in more and I’m not rushed. The idea of donut muffins makes me incredibly happy, as well as hungry. I will most likely be trying out this recipe this Saturday morning, and hiding them all from my family so they don’t eat them all.

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